[ultimate_info_banner banner_title=”A brief history and introduction of Handball in Nepal” banner_desc=”Keshav Pathak, Secretary NHA
Handball is an indoor sport played between two teams of seven players each. It is an Olympic and Asian game. In Nepal Handball was first introduced in 1982. Within the period of 34 years, it has unmemorable ups and downs.

The Highest level of participation of the National team was Fourth Asian Championship in Jordan 1987. Whereas the best international results are the third position in 7th Invitational Tournament in Hon kong in 1990. Nepal secured 3rd position in both men and women categories in South Asian Championships held in India and Bangladesh too.

During 1985-1992 handball was tremendously developed in Nepal. It gained popularity immensely across the country. It became an International medal winning the sport. Unfortunately, Handball in Nepal could not maintain its growth rate due to the political instability of the nation. Till Today, the country has witnessed 18th Men’s and 8th women’s National Championship in support of National Council.

” desc_color=”#1e1e1e”][ultimate_info_banner banner_title=”Program ” banner_desc=”After the general election of 2017, majority government established in Nepal and there are numerous positive symptoms of positive change in the promotion of Handball in Nepal. Indeed, Handball is in renovation phase. At present, Handball is popular among boys and girls and in school as well.

Currently, there are 21 districts functioning to develop handball in Nepal. Powerful institutions such as Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police force are also equally participating in almost all the handball events. Similarly, IHF envisions “Handball at School“ with the certain aim to improve the base of Handball is also an important part to develop handball in Nepal. NHA encouraging numerous schools to make forward their students the opportunity to play handball. Besides, U-12, U-16, U-19, and U-21 competition is conducted yearly to encourage the youngsters.
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