[ultimate_info_banner banner_desc=”Nepal does not hold a long history in Handball. It is a new game for Nepal. In late 1980, National Sports Council sent Mr. Min Bikram Shah to Kuwait for the training in handball. On his return only, handball got the first entry into this himalayan country.
National Sports Council immediately started to launch the programmes of handball training in different zones for shorter periods. NSC also planned to include this game in the First National Games. Mr. Shah was sent to different zones for conducting the training programmes. As a result, Bagmati, Gandaki, Narayani, Bheri and Koshi could join the 1St National Tournament, in which Bagmati, Narayani and Koshi respectively became first, second and third.
Just before the First National games in 1981, NSC founded Nepal Handball Association to work for the game of handball in Nepal. Nepal faced a rather difficult situation for a shorter period of time, when Mr. Min Bikram Shah left Nepal for USSR to join the 6 years long course of Sports. But immediately NSC solved the problem by sending again two persons to Kuwait for the training in November 1981. They were Mr. Shyam Sunder Adhikari and Mr. Rajan Kumar Bist. Soon after their return from Kuwait they were also sent to India for a week long International Handball official clinic in December.
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